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People in their fifties start to wonder: When should I retire? Once I do, when should I take Social Security? Do I need to buy an annuity to make sure I have enough money to last my whole life?

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Your Finances - Why It’s Different After 50

What you can expect to learn

A transition into retirement can be scary. Control Your Retirement Destiny equips you with the knowledge you’ll need to avoid big mistakes while providing step-by-step instructions on how to align finances to support a comfortable retirement lifestyle. It covers:

  • 1.Your Finances

  • 2.Starting with Planning Basics

  • 3.Social Security

  • 4.Investing

  • 5.Taxes

  • 6.Insurance, Life, and Disability

  • 7.Using Your Company Benefits

  • 8.Should You Buy an Annuity?

  • 9.Real Estate and Mortgages

  • 10.Managing Health Care Costs in Retirement

  • 11.Working Before and During Retirement

  • 12.Whom to Listen To

About the author

Dana Anspach, is a Certified Financial PlannerTM, Retirement Management Analyst, and a Kolbe CertifiedTM Consultant. She has been practicing in financial services since 1995, writing for as their Guide to MoneyOver55 since 2008, and contributes to MarketWatch as one of their RetireMentors.

She also serves as the Chair of the Practitioner Peer Review Committee for the Retirement Management Journal, a publication issued by the Retirement Income Industry Association.

Anspach spends her time consulting, writing, and leading a team of financial professionals who provide retirement income planning and investment management services.

Dana is called on by leading News and Information outlets regularly to share her insight.

Sensible Money, a fee-only firm that brings calm, clarity and comfort to retirement planning with straight forward, step-by-step advice from independent advisors.

What others have said

"So I was pleasantly surprised when I began reading Control Your Retirement Destiny (Smart Financial Decisions For The 50+ Crowd) by Dana Anspach. It's readable, written in simple English, and even fun. I like the comparison between unknown individual longevity and the certainty of a car journey in a vehicle that achieves 20 miles to the gallon."
Brian Bollen
"What a terrific book! If you chance to talk to the author, you might mention that the copyeditor found it to be a great and eye-opening read. In fact, because of the book I've opened a Roth account in a low-fee index fund and am planning to open an HSA. I also used one of her links to find a local fee-only financial planner to consult with on some questions I have."
Corbin Collins
Collins Editorial Services
"I could not put this book down. Dana has a way of explaining things in a simple way so they are easy to understand. There are plenty of real life examples that show what can happen if you do things right or do things wrong. I plan to get my grown children to read what Dana has to say so they don't make the same financial errors that I've made."
Bruce Branham

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Control Your Retirement Destiny: Achieving Financial Security Before the Big Transition is for those who are beginning to think about when and how they might transition out of regular, full-time work. It will enable you to take charge of your financial future right now to ensure a happy, secure retirement.

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